• Step 1 :: Read Application Requirements

    Before starting registration, Please click this link to read Admission Requirements

    Prepare a list of Scanned documents for Attachments
    All Applicants must have

    • Recent Digital or Scanned Passport size Photo with blue as background
    • Scanned original Birth Certificate
    • Applicant with O-Level Certificate (CSEE) : Scanned original O-Level Education Certificate in PDF or Image
    • Applicant with A-Level Certificate (ACSEE): Scanned original O-Level and A-Level Education Certificate in PDF or Image
    • Applicant with VETA Certificate : Scanned original O-Level AND VETA Certificate in PDF or Image

    Click on the button at the right side to start. Carefully select your correct current education level. Make sure you remember your password. Provide all your basic details and then after saving system will login automatic for you. You must provide a valid email address (Active email Address).

  • Step 3 :: Contact Information

    After Completing Step One System will login based on password provided in step Two and redirect you to fill your contacts details. Please fill all required field in this section

  • Step 5 :: Profile Picture

    In this section upload scanned Passport size.

  • Step 4 :: Next of Kin (Parents/Guardian)

    This section require you to fill in Parents/Guardians Information and Contacts Information (Name,Contacts e.t.c)

  • Step 5 :: Application Fee Payment

    System offer Mobile Payment Process. You can pay application fee either by TIGO PESA, M-PESA or AIRTEL MONEY or ZANTEL. In this section you will get your Payment Reference Number.

    Steps on how to pay will be available by selecting/Clicking payment Method under this section. After Payment the system will recognise your payment and the page will be updated.

  • Step 6 :: Education Background

    This section require all applicants to fill in his/her Educational Background. The Information entered in this part must be the same as in your Certificates, Failure to that your application will be rejected.

  • Step 7 :: Attachment 

    Upload all the required scanned original documents as listed in Step One.

  • Step 8 :: Review && Submit your Application 

    Before you submit your application. You are required to review all of the Information for correctness. Edit to correct in case of any error. Remember after submission you will not be able to change any information. So be carefully to review and correct all information before submit.

NOTE : You will be able to see the status of your application in your account once verification process opened


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